Glorious past

The Mansion, Middlesex University and the solitary obelisk, just two of the remarkable historical sites


The scenery of Trent Country Park is immensely ancient, a relic of the Royal Hunting Forest of Enfield Chase which was mentioned in the Domesday Book, the immense survey of England conducted by William the Conqueror in 1086.

What gives Trent Country Park its distinctive character is that it has survived almost unchanged from those from those days when it served for nearly 400 years as royal hunting ground. Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and James I could be seen on their regal horses hunting deer in the splendid forest.

In 1777 George III gave the site to his favourite doctor Richard Jebb as a reward for saving the life of the King’s younger brother, the then Duke of Gloucester. It is not clear what he was cured of but it occurred in the Italian Alps at Trento; hence the name of the park.

Dr Jebb had a small villa built in a classical style by the architect William Chambers (who also created Somerset House). The house was bought in 1852 by the Bevan Family ( part of the  Barclays Bank)

Royal Hunting Forest

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